Kumer Das

Office : Lucas 200G
Phone Number : 880-7947
Email : kumer.das@lamar.edu
Office Hours : 9:00-10:00 am MTWRF
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Ph. D. Mathematics   Auburn University   2005
M.S. Statistics   Dhaka University, Bangladesh   1998
B.S. Statistics   Dhaka University, Bangladesh   1996

Professional Employment
2011 – Present
2005 – 2011
  Lamar University, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Lamar University, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
1999 – 2005   Graduate Teaching Assistant, Auburn University
1998 – 1999   Statistical Analyst, Naripokkho, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Professional Organizations
American Statistical Association
American Mathematical Society

Courses Taught at Lamar
Math 1325 Business Calculus
Math-1342 Elementary Statistics
Math-2413 Calculus I
Math-2414 Calculus II
Math-3312 Probability, Statistics and Statistical Modeling
Math-3370 Introduction to the Theory of Statistical Inference
Math-4380 Theory of Statistical Inference
Math 4317 Introduction to Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes
Math 5317 Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes
Math-5380 Statistical Inference

MELL Grant (2004-08)-participant with Drs. Baker, Wilkinson, Mahavier, Dawkins, Richardson and Kang. Funding Agency: Texas Education Agency.

Nursing Grant (2005-07): Southeast Texas Regional Innovation Project on Effective Simulations (Nursing STRIPES).

Research Enhancement Grant (2008-2009). Funded by Lamar University.

Research Enhancement Grant (2009-2010). Funded by Lamar University.

Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics (CURM) mini-grant 2009-2010, Grant Funded by CURM, Brigham Young University and NSF.

Leading Safety Indicators and Safety Culture Audit in the Maritime Industry (2008-10), Funded by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Houston, Texas, with Drs. Craig, Zhu and Curry.

Injury Analysis for the International Maritime Industry (2010-11), American Bureau of Shipping, Houston, Texas, with Drs. Craig, Zhu and Curry.

Areas of Research Interest
Probability Theory, Actuarial Mathematics, Stochastic Processes, Survival Analysis

Selected Recent Publications
2011   “Mathematical Evaluations of the Elasticity of a Bonus-Malus System”, Duplan, N., Hall, C., Nguyen, J., Willis, C. and Das, K.The Pi Mu Epsilon Journal To Appear.
2011   “The Effects of Gender, Class level and Ethnicity on Attitude and Learning Environment in College Algebra Course”, Das, K.,and Wilkinson, M. The Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Mathematics Education Volume 6, Issue 2.
2011   "A Skew Normal Approximation to the Distribution of Aggregate Claims", Das, K.,Islam, AKM., and Chiou,P. Journal of Probability and Statistical Science,Volume 9, Issue 1, p 93-104.
2011   "Further Review of Panjer's Recursion for Evaluation of Compound Binomial Distribution using R", Das, K., Sarker, S., and Diawara, N. Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences,To appear.
2010   "Bounding the Ruin Probability under Interest Force", Das, K. , The Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics. Volume 5, Issue 1, 119-127.
2010   “The Joint Distribution of Bivariate Exponential under Linearly Related Model” , Diawara, N and Das, K., Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, Volume VI, Issue 1, 1-19.
2010   “A Stochastic Approach to the Bonus-Malus System” , Das, K., Neural, Parallel and Scientific Computation, Volume 18, Issue 3, 283-290.
2010   “Potential Psychological Risk Factors and Occupational Injury/Illness”, Craig,B. Congleton, J. and Das,K., Proceedings of the 2010 Industrial Engineering Research Conference.
2010   Shipboard and Shore Side Perception of Safety Culture. Craig, B., Das, K. and Khago, A. Proceedings of the Institute of Industrial Engineers Annual Conference.
2010   "Numerical Approximation to the Probability of Ruin", Das, K. and Patel,R. Proceedings of Neural, Parallel and Scientific Computations, 4(2010) ,114-118.
2009   “Ruin Probability under Interest Force: A Martingale and a non-Martingale Approach”, Das, K., The Journal of Stochastic Analysis and Applications, Volume 27, Issue 6, 1223-1230.
2009   “A Review of Panjer’s Recursion for Evaluation of Compound Negative Binomial Distribution using R”, Das, K. and Sarker,S. JSM Proceedings, Statistical Computing Section. Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association. 1121-1131.
2008   “Reading and Mathematics connection: English Language Learner Students’ Perspective”, Das, K., The Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Mathematics Education. Volume 3, Issue 2, 2008.
2008   "A Statistical Approach to the battle of sexes", M. Jennings and Das, K. The Lamar University Electronic Journal of Student Research, Volume 7, Spring 2008.