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Archive for Math 3301 – Differential Equations

I have taught the following sections of Math 3301 – Differential Equations. Click on the class that you are interested in to see the hour exam results, grade distributions and homework assigned during that class.



Here is the total distribution of the grades that I've given in all of these classes. Note that because of how we teach calculus over the summer these courses are typicially not included in this data (if you're viewing a Calculus class of course). Also, for many of the senior level courses (4000+) there is no grade data available at this time.

A's   B's   C's   D's   F's   Drops*

*This is an approximate figure as it is based on the number of people who took the first exam and it is always possible that somebody dropped the course before the first exam and/or didn't take the first exam and then dropped the course.